Posted by: smoocherooch | June 26, 2014

My smoocherooch instagram

Been living alone for more than a month now. This has affect my lifestyle especially on my diet. As a person living with lupus – I am quite conscious with what I put into my mouth. I enjoy eating and having lupus did not affect my diet 100%. I learn to eat with moderation. Along the way, I learn to change and train my taste bud. I know if I eat healthier – I will suffer less whether its mentally for physically. Also, I hope and pray that – by eating healthier, my condition will improve = less medication = chances of having my own child.

I have started meal prep for my lunchbox to work. It has been great but after awhile eating the same thing 4 times a day can be quite blend. I am taking this opportunity to share my meal prep photos as well as my instragram account.

Taking photo of food has always been my like to do thing even before instragram existed. Follow me on IG!


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